student-social-network.jpgLearning for All:

Conversations, Collaboration,
and Choice Through Technology



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  • New forms of group learning / group dynamics
  • New forms of interaction and collaboration
  • Ability to integrate many other motivating and engaging Web 2.0 tools
  • Embedded Discussion tab to discuss content
  • Easy to use and maintain over time
  • Easy to create and develop skills for usage

  1. White's Wiki Kids

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  • Facebook-like interface
  • Lots of features such as blogs, forums, and notes for multiple opportunities to interact.
  • Embeddable Functions
  • Chat Enabled for further collaboration/conversation

  1. The Global Poetry Project



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  • Helps students find a new way to express their voices
  • Provides a technology based alternative to traditional writing exercises
  • Provides a brand new audience for students to have a purpose for writing for
  • Helps student respond and reflect, edit and revise
  • Increases initiative, motivation, and engagement
  • Encourages collaboration and conversation


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  • Other Web 2.0 tools offer the opportunity for alternative assessment practices that provide evidence of learning beyond the traditional modes
  • Many of the popular Web 2.0 Tools offer the opportunity for collaboration as well as high levels of engagement.
  • Using these Web 2.0 tools help to personalize the web experience for students and provide them with a new framework for developing textual/traditional products in combination with a visual and/or animated component.

  1. Weebly on Immigration (with links to Etherpad Collaborations by students.)